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Build an app that you have envisioned in your mind, host your data on a cloud, optimize your website and watch the leads convert to sales!

Leads Interactive bring sales-converting leads to your business website and provides app development services with cloud computing

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Producing the most successful solutions for our clients means we need a team that works under a roof. At Leads Interactive, we manage our own network (AS131582), Servers, Infrastructure and web/mobile development in house.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SMM (Social Media Marketing)
Web Design and Development
Cloud Computing and Solutions
Web App and Mobile App Development

Search Engine Optimization

Our goal is to optimize and maintain your website for reliable traffic and intent based searchers so it stays ahead of your competition! Our methods have been proven successful and to date we have helped our customers convert leads to sales of a total of over $3 million!

Research and analysis on industry
Study competitor marketing strategies
Improve your Topical Authority in your niche
Reach out to high-quality partners for backlinks.
Maintain and improve your page ranking on SERPs

Search Engine Marketing

Anyone can run a Google Ad or PPC (pay-per-click) campaign. But how effective it is, depends on your strategy. With over 10 years of reputable clientele, you can leave it to us to help you filter and achieve the traffic you want.

Research and analyze keywords
Understanding your business
Provide valuable adcopy with strategic keywords
Finding the best time to launch campaigns
Analyze traffic data

Social Media Marketing

If you have a consumer product that you find useful for people, social media is the way to go. If you have done your own social media campaigns and find the results disappointing, you may have missed out some crucial elements in your campaign. We help you identify the best strategy to carry out your social media marketing campaigns.

Understand your product
Find target audience
Design collateral that invokes engagement
Finding out the best time to launch campaigns
Create engaging posts

Website Design and Development

People tend to forget the importance of UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience). The better the user journey in a site, the more likely they'll engage. The more information is presented better, the longer they stay on the page. Leads Interactive always keeps this in mind while still designing and developing aesthetically pleasing websites.

Understand your business
Create a theme based on the industry
Designing and developing website
Populate and insert unique content
Code optimization


We are equipped with state of the art servers and machines that are secure and reliable. You will never have to be afraid of using our Cloud services to back up all of your precious data!

Secure and reliable servers
High RAM specs
Huge data storage space ( and we mean multi-tera huge )

Web App and Mobile App Development

Let us design and build your app that you have in mind! We can create web apps, web portals and mobile apps for your business!

Automated computing
Stable, reliable servers
Powerful UI/UX driven design
Low crash rate