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We assume, you've seen your competitor's website on the ads section of a google search page by now. But question is, wanna see yours?


Search Engine Marketing / Pay-per-click solutions for your website's digital marketing campaigns and Google Ads

If you’re looking for return on investment, paid search is the advertising channel to adopt. Paid search is highly measurable allowing you to get the most out of your campaign from the initial steps of research to the continual optimization.

You'll Grow Very Fast

Paid search for lead generation services range from banner ads and PLA (Product Listing Ads) to custom product feed solutions and distribution. This makes online lead generation even more direct. For example, buying ads on keywords people use when they’re looking for a specific type of service or product. These people can be then lead to your address and phone number on the landing page.

Full-circle reporting
Custom strategies for lead generation
Higher quality scores and lower costs
Communication and transparency
Social Engagement

Using our tools, we set up quality score tracking in order to monitor your quality scores over time.

Connections & Networks

We also analyze trends to estimate ad spend to reach your revenue or conversion goals.

Keyword Targeting

We retarget your customers and prospects that have shown interest based on behavioral analytics.

Global Presence

While ROI is a common metric for gauging overall profitability, calculating bottom-line return is just one consideration.

Mobile Analytics

In order for a PPC campaign to be the most effective, it needs to be tested and tweaked often.

SEO Performance

We are constantly testing and refining ad copy and messaging as well as your landing pages.

Track Results Instantly.

Get real-time results when you launch a SEM campaign. Leads Interactive also provides a detailed report for you to keep track of progress!

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