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Hosting, Cloud Computing and Software App Development Services.

We provide highly robust consulting solution & services so that your company can prosper and truly thrive in today's global complex market that challenges all business no matter your operation's size or where you are in the globe.

Software and App Development

Keeping abreast of the changes in technology as well as business trends can be a daunting challenge. Not only are things constantly changing in the way organizations use technology to share knowledge among employees, customers, constituents, and partners, but the pace of change is rapidly accelerating.

We offer tailor-made, customized mobile applications (iOS/Android) to suit your business needs.

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Managed Office Network

Whether you are managing a large-scale IT environment or a start-up firm looking to setup complete office IT automation, Leads Interactive can offer you significant expertise in technology infrastructure and systems management.

Set Up A Network
Application Services

Maximize your business productivity by allocating employees to focus on core business operations while we set up an enterprise application hosting.

Cloud computing

We combine all the capabilities of the company to offer a complete cloud offering from consulting to solution.

Strategic Consultation

We ensure that IT aligns with your business requirements. Using our process-driven approach, you can detect and resolve problems proactively.

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IT Services and Solutions to make your business efficient and profitable